There is no better way to energize the team than by giving them the gift of yoga for wellness!

The meditative practices of yoga are conducive for higher productivity levels by sharpening mental focus and creating a more amicable office environment by lifting employee mood, but it also can draw a smile for those concerned with the bottom line.

Insurance providers offer strong perks like lower costs when companies offer Corporate Wellness Programs.  ..and yes, these programs can include offering yoga 1 – 2 times a week at the office. Yoga is well known to help reduce body pain, high blood pressure levels, stress, and depression, but more recent studies show it reduces sick days and the number of doctor visits. This healthy lifestyle implementation has  an impact on insurance premiums because it reduces risk: An employee at risk of depression costs about 70% more to insure. What fights depression? Exercise and meditation, and insurance companies are well aware of this. Overweight employees, smokers, those with high blood pressure, all have an extra price tag too, but levels of risk go down if they regularly exercise. The southern grocery chain H-E-B, has reported annual healthcare claims are about $1,500 less among employees that participate in their wellness program.

There is also the improved employee retention rate that comes along with a wellness program. Studies continually show that turnover rates fall with the implementation of a wellness program as they are happier with their employer. According to a Workforce Management Magazine survey, 77% of employees reported that wellness programs created a better, more positive work environment. In fact the SAS Institute contributes it’s low turnover rate of 4% to it’s wellness program.

Oh, and did I leave out the $250 Million Johnson & Johnson has saved in healthcare costs on behalf of their wellness program. So fewer days of employees calling in sick, lower insurance premiums, lower turnover rates, and everyone is smiling at their desk – sounds like a win even the bottom line can appreciate.

Here are some awesome Office Yoga providers to get your wellness program flowing:

Boulder’s Desk Meets Mat

New York City’s Daisy Office Yoga

San Fransisco’s Office Yoga 

Chicago’s Unfold Yoga + Wellness