Sure, we all want to be top notch at our job, but sometimes we are just so exhausted that even mid-grade seems unattainable. You’re not alone!  In fact, 6 million patient visits are made each year for fatigue!
There is far more to being tired then what meets the semi-opened eye. Sure, try to get a better night’s rest is the easy go-to, but falling fast asleep at 9 pm isn’t the most obtainable for us all. So what are some of the other ways we can naturally pick up our energy levels throughout the day?

Get your blood flowing:

Blood flow to the brain   Your brain uses around 20% of your body’s oxygen. When exercising, your body takes in extra oxygen to account for the energy you are burning and vigorously pumps that heavily oxygenated blood to all parts of your body (including the brain). The brain also receives the glucose needed for proper brain function through this extra blood flow as well. During exercise our hippocampus (responsible for memory) also becomes highly active, helping to create a clearer, sharper cognitive function. So, how do we sneak a little exercise in at work?

20-30 second wall sits throughout the day

Push-ups, if your office space allows for it

Flex your core while at your desk 

Leg lifts at your desk, holding for 30 seconds each

5-10 minute walk after lunch

Light yoga before work

Take the stairs!